Coctio at a Glance

Coctio at a Glance

Coctio is the leading global provider of advanced turnkey bone broth, soup and sauce production solutions and services that transform animal bone residues into several commercial products of high value and income. We are also specialised in further processing of animal bone residues by providing industrial dryer systems to dry bones to meat protein and bone powder. 

With Coctio's method, we serve the whole food industry, including pet food manufacturers, of all sizes, in all markets, to grow in emerging clean label food and beverage markets with high-quality bone broth innovations naturally and sustainably. 

The company is the creation of Kai Iiskola, who has more than 35 years of professional experience in the international food industry business and over 25 years specifically in bone broth and sauce production.

Coctio acts on the global market. Its customers include food manufacturers, poultry, meat and fish processing plants, slaughtering and rendering industries. We also welcome companies and startups, who are interested in setting up a bone broth, soup and sauce processing facility, whether small or large capacity, to contact us to get guidance from an experienced and passionate partner with expertise in this high demand industry field.

Our vision is of a world where animal bones are seen and reutilised most sustainably, delivering 100% yield for bones as raw material and immense value for the manufacturing of high-quality products for mostly for human consumption. With its broth production experience and engineering expertise, Coctio’s mission is to enable this process and simultaneously eradicate animal bone waste to zero. This unique approach has vast potential to improve the profitability of European and global food, slaughter and rendering industries.

Furthermore, our ambition is, in partnership with our customers, to develop the healthy, clean label food market globally and promote healthy and culinary home cooking from natural ingredients. With our solutions and services, we promote healthy, natural and quality food processing produced sustainably and affordable to global food markets.

Passionate about your business

At Coctio we are passionate about providing our clients with outstanding service and innovative solutions to support them in creating added value and high-margin revenue with animal bones. Moreover, combining the productivity of an automated turnkey processing solutions with our years of expertise and knowledge in broth and sauce production business, you will receive the solution most compatible to your business and services that will ensure you a competitive advantage and growth.

When you are looking for a highly profitable food manufacturing business that uses animal bones as raw material with reliable and quick ROI, the Coctio bone broth line solution is the best choice you can make. Find out how the Coctio method creates value for your business >>

See the video about CEO Kai Iiskola tells the story of how his years of experience in the food industry and his passion for culinary tastes has paved the way for internationally operating Coctio Ltd.

Kai Iiskola's professional background

The story of Coctio began long before the actual company was founded in 2014.
With over 35 years of professional experience in the food industry and 25 years of broth and sauce production experience, Coctio founder and managing director Kai Iiskola is an expert broth and sauce producer. He founded Puljonki Oy in 1991 where he developed the industrial process and equipment for producing high-quality broths and sauces that are even today used by Michelin–star restaurants. Nestlé Professional acquired Puljonki Oy in 2012.

Iiskola's accomplishments make him a true master of sharing the professional knowledge of industrial bone broth production business to advance global food industry.

Professional experience and career in food industry

Education and career as a gourmet chef: 1976 – 1991

1976 – 1978 Vocational qualification in Cookery. Helsinki, Finland

1980 – 1982 Vocational qualification in Hotel, Restaurant and Catering as a Chef. The Culinary School Perho, Helsinki

1979 - 1991 Cook and Head Chef for a number of gourmet cuisines in Helsinki 

Puljonki, early stages: 1991 - 1997 

1991 Moving from Helsinki to a small town of Juuka, situated in the countryside of North Karelia. Establishment of Puljonki Ltd together with Sauvo Hiltunen. Their passion was to create new business opportunities around high quality and culinary bone broth and sauces.

Production was started by simmering Sauce Espagnole and Demi-Glace with the traditional cooking process utilizing the experience of Iiskola as a professional chef. Culinary sauces were sold to cuisines and restaurants in Helsinki. 

1992 – 1997 The production facilities of Puljonki were expanded several times during these years. Also, investments were made in new production equipment. Puljonki started exporting culinary taste bone broths and sauces in 1997 to professional kitchens and gourmet restaurants in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

During the early stages of Puljonki, Iiskola himself designed production equipment for Puljonki as suitable machinery did not exist in the market. He e.g. designed oven and cooker modules that enabled Puljonki to increase production capacity with demand. 

Puljonki, development, growth & acquisition: 1998 - 2013 

1998 – 2002 Engineering, development and start-up of an evaporated and automated industrial bone broth and sauce manufacturing process. The Cooking process was based on Iiskola’s professional experience as a chef: the newly designed manufacturing line utilized traditional broth simmering method and chef level recipes as well as automated technology. The line was taken into production in 2002.

2002 – 2013 Puljonki was sold to a Danish company in two parts in 2005 and 2011 that was later acquired by Nestlé Professional in 2012. Iiskola worked as a managing director in Puljonki until the end of 2013. When Iiskola left Puljonki, the company had grown its facilities from 150 square meters in 1991 to 4 500 m2 in 2013. 

Coctio: 2014  

2014 Kai Iiskola founded Coctio Ltd, an international pioneer in the industrial bone broth and sauce production line field to take his passion for culinary tastes and traditional bone broth a step further. Coctio wants to advance food industry by upgrading bones from waste to income. 

2015 The bone broth production lines by Coctio method are under production in Ylämylly, Finland.

2016 The orders received for a Coctio Standard bone broth and sauce production line for large volume operation and an SHS Dryer. 

2017 The order received for a Coctio Small bone broth and sauce production line for low volume production. 

2018-> Volume of orders for stand-alone Coctio equipment and turnkey line deliveries will increase in the European and American markets.

In 2018 Coctio launches Partner Program for its first resellers and partners, giving them the opportunity to become part of the Coctio Global Partner Network, providing local engineering, pre and after sales services to our expanding customer base in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and the Middle East.