Coctio method turns bones into income

Feed people, not landfills with animal bones

Turn animal  bone ingredients into nutritious food raw materials

Value-added method feeds people, not landfills

Coctio helps to improve utilization of slaughtering by-products and bones regarded as material of category 3 fit for human consumption and delivering new revenue streams for bones.

We provide our customers in the food industry an added value method to extract natural collagen proteins from meat and fish bones for nutritious and great-tasting foods to feed people. 

Instead of getting rid of the under-utilized category 3 bones material at a relatively low price, the Coctio process solution supports meat, fish and food processors to achieve higher yield for bones offering a net profit starting from €0,50/kg of bones.

Furthermore, it supports the principles to improve sustainable profitability for manufacturing operations: less slaughterhouse and landfill waste and emissions will be generated compared with existing practices related to animal bone by-products processing and rendering.

At its core, as consumers
are advocates of food and beverages that combine naturality, health and clean & short labelling made from sustainable raw materials, sustainability will drive growth. Any food processors that act in these areas integrating sustainability principles into their manufacturing processes are the likeliest to say they’re more effective than their competitors and will be the ones that prosper financially. 

Coctio method to extract natural collagen proteins from meat and fish bones for nutritious and great-tasting foods to feed people.

The advantages of Coctio method

1. Only industrial-scale automated production line solution to produce bone broth traditionally and naturally.

2. The optimised process to create the most amount of value out of meat and fish bones producing high-margin products. The cooked bone leftovers after Coctio process can be further processed into competitive by-products on the market.

3. Passion for bone broth – Coctio’s full-service business concept with chef-level expertise in developing new bone broth and sauce recipes for consumer and professional markets, helps food manufacturers globally to establish a bone broth production plant quickly and profitably.