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Business Case for SmALL-SCALE Broth, Soup and Sauce Production

For Low Volume Operation Leaving Zero Bone Waste

Get this free guide to assess revenues, cost structure, financing needs and profits to operate a small-scale bone broth production facility by processing annually over 4 million kilos of animal bone by-products into a range of natural bone broth, soup and sauce products and functional, clean-label friendly food innovations using bone broth as a natural ingredient.

In this free guide, we're detailing the financial scenario for low volume operation in order to exploit the value proposition afforded by natural bone broth market to its full potential to your business.

Use our simple business case guide to fine-tune your new business venture in animal bone streams processing and bone broth-based food production to achieve the best or the desired performance. It will serve as the foundation for qualified decision to be made and jump-start your business plan processing ready for investment.



  • Understand yearly production and financials operating a low volume bone broth, soup and sauce production business
  • Explore and calculate ROI for equipment purchases 
  • Find out the breakeven volume and analysis for the production facility
  • Review an example layout for the Coctio Small line and the arrangement for the overall facility


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