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Coctio Standard Line solution for large volume manufacturing of perfect bone broths

Large Volume Broth, Soup & Sauce Process Overview 

In this free eBook, you'll discover a complete process description of large volume manufacturing of natural Bone Broths, Soups & Sauces.

For medium and large food manufacturing companies, meat, poultry and fish processors, slaughtering and rendering industries Coctio provides advanced high-yielding Standard processing line. The line is designed with large volumes in mind, both bones ingredient requirement and output volumes to produce top-quality and clean labelled broths, broth concentrates, type of sauces, soups and other ready meals using broth as a natural ingredient.  




  • Learn the best-practice manufacturing process in large-scale Bone Broth, Soup & Sauce production
  • Get the technical description and the production and operation functions of each equipment involved in a Coctio Standard Procuction Line setup
  • Get the end-products production detail for capacity planning


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