Book a two-day product trial run service

Book your own product trial run of Coctio bone broth production line to produce test batches of natural bone broths! 

What will you get by booking and attending trial runs?

Get the most value out of meat & fish bone processing

Does your food processing generate a considerable amount of bone waste each day?

How can you convert bones from the pigs, cattle, poultry, sheep and fish to revenues and what products can be prepared using bones as raw material? 

During Trial Run Days we focus on finding and testing the right combination of bones and recipes used for producing the best quality broth, soup or sauce products for your new business approach. 

Trial production of bone broth and evaporated sauces 

Use the Coctio production line for the trial production of broth using the bone raw material from your own meat or fish processing or acquired from Coctio. Test Production of concentrated sauce bases and demi-glace sauces is possible using the Coctio evaporation process. 

As a result, you'll get test batches of broths and sauces in bag-in-boxes to use in your food development surveys and business plan evaluations to start a retail sales operation with new food and beverage products. 

Fat generated from the cooking process can also be packaged in bag-in-boxes. 

Achieve equipment efficiency and line performance

Achieve the Coctio closed-system efficiency in the preparation of broths, soups and sauces. The Coctio process also separates fats from bones, which can then be used for industrial purposes and opens up new commercial opportunities for you.

Ensure that the equipment modularisation and automation fit with your processing requirements and provide you with efficient, profitable solutions that are perfectly harmonised with your business.

Book a two-day product trial for your company!

What does a two-day product trial run event include?

For our customers, the Trial Run is an actual test drive of the Coctio bone broth production line in which bone broths and sauces are prepared from bone raw materials provided by the customer or aqcuired by Coctio if needed.

Trial production is done before actual project start, when the client wants to find out by testing what kind of culinary end product can be produced from bones for functional food and beverage markets using the Coctio method.

Trial Runs enable our customers:

  1. to prepare test batches of broths, soups or sauces packed into bag-in-boxes and delivered customer facilities for use in product development (note that the product produced in trial production is not a commercial product yet).

  2. to explore and verify the efficiency and performance of the equipment the cooking process.

  3. to receive business guidance to get started manufacturing and retailing new food and beverage products.

Please complete the form above to request any other things and objectives you would like to be included in the Product Trial and to request more information. 

List price of a two-day trial production

Price categories for the trial packages follow the process and operating equipment running during the test production * /**

Batch cooking without roasting
the bones before cooking
(oven module not needed)


Batch cooking including roasting
the bones before cooking
(oven module needed) 


1. Trial package: 
1 cooker + 1 product tank in operation

8.000 €

1. Trial package: 
Loading module + oven + cooker 
+ 1 product tank in operation

10.000 €
2. Trial package: 
2 cookers + 1 product tank in operation
10.000 €

2. Trial package: 
Loading module + oven + 2 cookers
+ 1 product tank in operation

12.000 €
3. Trial package: 
1 cooker + 1 product tank + evaporator in operation
12.000 €

3. Trial package: 
Loading module + oven + 1 cooker + 
1 product tank + evaporator in operation

14.000 €
4. Trial package: 
2 cookers + 1 product tank + evaporator in operation 
14.000 €

4. Trial package: 
Loading module + oven + 2 cookers + 
1 product tank + evaporator in operation

16.000 €

*  All the Trial package prices include the following:

  • Three (3) working days with Coctio for the purpose of client product testing days
    (0.5 days for preliminary preparation + 2 days for Trial Run + 0.5 days for post-preparatory work including cleaning the equipment using the CIP Cleaning Centre) 
  • Use of the equipment
  • All the necessary commodities (water, electricity, steam) 
  • The cost of Coctio personnel participating in the Trial Production
  • Waste disposal cost

The prices do not include: 

  • Bone raw materials if acquired by Coctio
  • Bag-in-box packaging materials and delivery cost to the customer premises

** The scope of trial production and the type and amount of bone raw material are defined together with the customer after you have requested your own Trial Run.  

The prices as mentioned above are current list prices. Final price will be based on customer needs. Ask more about pricing for your Trial Run needs by submitting a request form above or contact us!

Trial Run procedure will be covered by a Trial production Agreement signed by the customer and Coctio.


A Presentation Day with Coctio can be booked at your convenience by submitting a request form above. 

Coctio will contact you immediately after that and will confirm the Presentation Day schedule with you. 


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