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to learn and experience how a Coctio turnkey production line makes bone broths, such as chicken, beef and fish broths, soups and sauces from food processing animal bones.

What's in it for you?

Closer insight into bone broth processing technology

What is the technical solution behind the process? How much bone raw material can be processed per hour and daily when starting industrial production? What's the output capacity? How to launch a bone broth business?  

Get insight into Coctio technology for producing pure and premium-quality broth. Use the Coctio production line for the trial production of broth using the bone raw material from your own meat or fish processing or acquired from Coctio. oths, soups and sauces industrially for consumers and food service markets.

Get the most from a processing line presentation session

How to procure equipment for the large-scale production of chef-level broths, soups and sauces using Coctio manufacturing line for industrial purposes? How does the automated cooking process work? What kind of processing line assembly could be suitable for your business? 

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Guidance on maximising business value for bone by-products 

How to drive more revenue from bone by-products? What yields can be achieved? What kind of end products can be produced from bones as a raw material using a Coctio line?  What type of market do Coctio end products serve?

We provide all the necessary information.

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About presentation day

We are happy to see as many of you in slaughtering, meat and fish processing, food manufacturing and food service sectors to discuss the newest technology for processing bone remains to produce functional and tasty food for consumers and food service markets. 

The Presentation Day will be a proper mix of information about bone broth technology from Coctio and valuable business around broths and sauces produced with the Coctio method. It will also introduce you to the functionality of the equipment involved. The Presentation Day offers you an opportunity to talk freely about the bone broth and sauce preparation process with an industry expert and CEO Kai Iiskola.

Please note that processing line presentation sessions is carried out according to the stage of each line completion. 


A Presentation Day with Coctio can be booked at your convenience by submitting a request form above. 

Coctio will contact you immediately after that and will confirm the Presentation Day schedule with you. 


The Coctio production plant in Ylämylly, Finland. 

Situated just outside of the city of Joensuu near Joensuu Airport. 
View map >>


CEO Kai Iiskola
p.  +358 (0)40 556 3642

Marketing Manager Tanja Immonen
p.  +358 (0)50 5452 519

Business Development Mikko Rovamaa
p. +358 (0)40 152 6099


  • Visitors must book and fund their travel and accommodation expenses. If you need assistance with transportation or hotel reservation in Joensuu, we are happy to assist. 

  • The free Presentation day is an event for introducing and showcasing the Coctio processing line for the food processing companies and partners, professionals and representatives. The Presentation Day does not include a Product Trial Run. 

  • We will also arrange two-day Product Trial Run Events using a Coctio processing line. When you wish to proceed to the next step of the Product Trial Run phase producing test batches of broths, soups and cooking sauces, register here to book a Product Trial Run Service Event with Coctio >> 

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