Industrial bone drying systems

Coctio SHS Animal Bone Drying system

Coctio SHS Bone Drying systems

Industrial SHS Bone drying system is the second significant process solution in Coctio's portfolio to refine animal bone raw material into valuable products and revenue. It is designed for the drying of cooked animal bones into meat protein and bone powder providing high quality for both small and larger capacities and leaving zero bone waste in landfills

The function of a Coctio SHS Dryer system is based on advanced superheated steam drying technology where the drying takes place through direct contact with superheated steam and the product to be dried. This drying method is simple but highly multi-functional and safe to operate and control with respect to energy saving, emission reduction, fire and explosion prevention and high product quality.

The SHS dryer system can be installed as a stand-alone process in your facility or it can be integrated into Coctio's small or large scale bone broth and sauce manufacturing line. In order to further process cooked bone residue after broth production, first the bones are dried, and then bone and meat mixtures are separated from each other. Then both the meat and bone sections are easy to process into several commodities for the markets. The meat section can be pressed into grained dry protein of 5 mm in size and used for example as an excellent raw material for dried pet food due to its high protein content. Remaining bone section can be further crushed and ground into bone powder that can be utilised as nutrient fodder for fur animals and in fertilizers.

In addition to animal bones treatment, the Coctio SHS Dryer system can be used to dry a wide variety of other side sections of food processing plants and other material streams generated in the industrial processing that's demanding to process, such as drying sludge from the wood processing industry and sewage plants.

We offer continuous process operating Coctio SHS Dryers in various sizes with evaporation capacities ranging from 10 kg of water/hour to 4000 kg of water/hour. 

Please see the technical specification of SHS Dryer to learn more about our industrial dryer solution taking all the value out of animal bones. 


For all inquiries of  SHS Dryer and capacity fits your needs, please contact to Coctio team by online form, by phone or by mail.