Stand-alone industrial food machinery

Essential individual, module-based industrial process machinery that specializes in the production of liquid foods.

Coctio supply individual, stand-alone industrial food machinery

    Essential machinery

    Besides AiOS, Coctio also sells a wide range of stainless steel industrial food machinery for different capacity requirements. Essential Coctio modules involve closed cooking vessels with filtration, storage tanks, falling-film evaporators and roasting ovens for use in cooking, mixing and evaporating processes of high-quality bone stocks, sauces, soups and other liquid food products - all designed to meet your production specifics. 

    Our machines comply with stringent hygienic and safety requirements and quality standards to operate perfectly in line with your process, whether you are setting up a new production, modernizing or expanding existing production.

    Download technical data sheets for each machine simply by selecting from a listing below.

    Small-scale equipment



    Large-scale equipment