Mobile Bone Broth Cooker System

Versatile, low-cost cooking unit for R&D, pilot and low volume production of high-quality natural bone broths and liquid food products




Coctio Mobile Bone Broth Cooker System

Bringing Excellence in Your Food Production

icon-7_70px 100% Natural bone broth production

Produce from basic to michelin-star bone broths using the proven Coctio technology that emulates the same processes that restaurant chefs use in their professional kitchens, requiring no additives in the process. 


Versatility in liquid foods

In addition to broths, the system is easily adapted to cooking and mixing variations in product type and recipe in liquid foods, such as soups, sauces and other viscose products. 

icon-7_70pxConsistency with automation

The system is closed and controlled by automation which ensures consistency batch after batch and minimizes potential human error from the production process. During the actual production process, there is no need for further supervision allowing production to safely take place overnight.

Coctio Mobile Broth Cooker - MultifunctionalFlexible Processing


Perfectly suited for R&D, product development and small volume production requirements of introducing natural broths, broth-based applications and liquid foods on the evolving market for functional foods and food-related industry.


Easy set-up,
Plug & Produce

Once delivered, the unit is ready to use, only need to plug the utility connections (electricity, water, sewer, data). In addition, benefits from being compact and mobile, the unit takes only about 40 m2 of space, and it can be easily installed and transported anywhere.

icon-7_70pxCost-Effective Processing

As the mobile cooker unit combines both R&D and commercial production at a small scale, it’s the most cost-effective and efficient system for choice! It delivers unbeatable benefits in terms of productivity and reduced CAPEX and OPEX and thereby reducing overall project costs when starting in broth segment, whether it is a pilot scale and commercial manufacturing in question.


Low Capital Investment for entering into evolving Bone Broth market

This multifunction cooker system brings time and costs savings, flexibility and efficiency in innovating natural bone broths, sauces, soups and broth-ingredient related products, such as meat products, all of which are fundamental aspects of facilitating both R&D and commercial production functionalities within the segment.

Whether using the Mobile Cooker System for a pilot plant unit for product development and making trials, or commercial production in small scale, it requires only a low capital investment in equipment and results in a quick return on investment.


Ideally suited for all type of food industries to produce culinary food applications

  • Existing or new small-scale bone broth producers who want to move into an automated, industrial scale production system.

  • Meat and Fish processors looking to extract more value from their animal bone by-product stream, and want to test broth production and its market.

  • Food manufacturers looking for a product development system for the production of small bone broth test batches.

  • Foodservice operators including restaurants, hospital and school foodservice departments, Institutional Food Service Departments and Caterers that seek to fulfill their liquid stock needs across their whole chain.


The Mobile Bone Broth Cooker System is a compact unit that allows the cooking of high-quality bone broths and other liquid products following Coctio cooking principles for delivering high-quality and delicious flavor to end-products. You will have access to all equipment necessary for the manufacturing of natural broth products following the proven Coctio Chef's cooking technology: 

Coctio Mobile Bone Broth Cooker System1. Broth Cooking, Mixing & Cooking Sauces and Soups
3,000 -litre closed, tilted, insulated cooking vessel with vertical pillar lift and tip system, and mobile access platform

2. Broth filtration
Broth filtration system 

3. Storing
3,000 -litre closed and insulated end-product storage tank

4. Cleaning
Batch Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) unit 

5. Steam generation
Steam generator of 100-150 kg of steam/hour (electrical or gas-fired),
used to create steam to heat the cooking vessel  

Option: Powder Ingredient mixer
For dust- and loss-free induction and dispersing of the powder ingredients into the mixture. 


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Salsus - Coctio testimonialCreating a range of culinary stocks and sauces with excellence in taste, texture and aroma, Salsus relies 100% on a Coctio cooking technology and system that covers all operational aspects, from new product development to production efficiency match our specific requirements.


Emerging growth opportunity in bone broth segment

Natural bone broth market is experiencing explosive growth across the food industry in favor of clean label and nutrient-dense food to meet consumers demand. This trend also reflects in the range of innovation in products and new product launches in the broth category. Broth products and broth-ingredient based nutrient-dense foods, such as soups, beverages and nutrition applications are growing in popularity globally.

For more on the topic of natural bone broth market insights and trends and explore the versatility of bone broth as an ingredient and an end-product for different market segments, download our report "New Generation of Natural and Functional Bone Broths". DOWNLOAD THE REPORT