Small Broth, Soup and Sauce Production Lines

Small Broth, Soup and Sauce Production Lines

Creating natural bone broths, soups and soups at smaller volumes

Suitable for small volume broth operation and promote clean label product innovation

Responding globally to our clients needs producing natural bone broth products at smaller volumes while maintaining the finest product quality and low production costs, Coctio offers a Small Production Line with a low initial investment. This line also allows production of highly demanding, clean label applications, including soups, sauces and ready meals.

The Small line with limited automation operations follows Coctio method producing natural bone broth with Chef's cooking technique and flavour expertise. The process is highly reliable, for safe, hygienic quality and easy operation. It allows you to start with low capacity and smaller machine and then lets you increase volumes and more new products as your business grows to meet future demands. 

The compact, turnkey line is delivered pre-assembled, which ensures quick and easy installation by Coctio installation team. The line is ready for connection with the pipes to Coctio equipment and the available power supply reducing installation expenses to a minimum. On top of that, the small volume line can be adapted to almost any production facility, making it suitable for both retrofit and new plant installations. It only requires as minimum 50 m² production space for its smallest line installation.

This low-volume manufacturing system is designed especially for: 

  • Current bone broth producers improving production rates and operations
  • Small to medium businesses in meat, fish and food processing and slaughtering
  • NPD functions in prepared foods developing more natural and clean label foods and beverages 
  • Spice, food ingredients & seasoning manufacturers
  • Producers of sports and health nutrition products
  • Foodservice operators
  • Companies and investors who want to establish a highly profitable bone broth production business 

Capacity of the Small Production Line

One batch produces 2,200 litres of natural bone broth which requires 1,800 kg of animal bones and 2,000 litres of water. A daily broth volume can be increased to over 14,000 litres at top production by running the operation with 3 cookers in three shifts without having to increase the operators overseeing to the cooking process. The batch volume of concentrated broth BRIX 20 or demi-glace is ovwr 800 litres. 

Also, one batch generates 180 kg of pure fat and approximately 1,600 kg of cooked bone residue. The fat is purified, kept in liquid form and stored to use it in own food production or can be sold as an ingredient to other industries.

The cooked bones can be dried and further processed into dried meat and bone powder in a Coctio Dryer system and sold on the industrial markets. 

Small production line’s maximum daily and yearly capacity and projected production in terms of end-product and target market vary according to your demands and the number of cooker modules you have for a Small line.

Complete production process

The diagram below illustrates the Small volume production process and outputs.

Coctio Small line process diagram image.png


Key processes and modules

  • Roasting the ingredients (Oven module) *
  • Broth Cooking (Small cooker module) 
  • Broth Evaporating, Mixing and Cooking Sauces/Soups with/without particles (Sauce & Soup preparation module) *
  • Fat Clarification (Fat Clarification module) 
  • Cleaning of equipment and pipes on the production line (Coctio CIP module) 
  • Drying the cooked bone residue (Coctio SHS Dryer module *
Available add-on modules to your Small Line setup

The Coctio Small bone broth manufacturing line is modular which makes it possible to add process steps and equipment modules to expand the functionality of the line to create more complex products, such as demi-glace, flavoured sauces, soups and other natural ready meals. The versatility of the line set-up makes it possible to adjust the process to desired operation and help you meet the requirements of your customers. 


Automatic operation 

The process operations and control of roasting the bones, cooking the broth and evaporating it down are run automatically to ensure that the most critical processes are repeated as desired for every single batch of production with the same high quality and characteristics. Control of other processes is done manually. However, the system offers a possibility to automate the whole operation as an option.

Due to critical processes are automated, only a few operators are required at a time to run the operation of the plant. 

Main advantage

  1. 100% Natural end-product (natural mouthfeel flavour, structure and clarity)
  2. Turnkey solution for ease of start the business with quick profit 
  3. Semi-automated closed system for gentle handling the raw materials and control of critical processes ensuring consistent high-quality of products 
  4. Great flexibility for variations in natural bone broth-based products and clean label applications
  5. Modular design to fit your capacity requirement and can be easily expanded as you grow
  6. Capable of handling particles through evaporation process
  7. Process and equipment complies with European safety and hygiene standards

E-Book Tutorials for low volume business

Expand your business knowledge in profitable low volume bone broth, soup and sauce production industry and learn about its process technology, business opportunities and financials by downloading our free e-Books below!

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In this free guide, you'll discover a complete process description of low volume manufacturing of perfect Bone Broths, Soups & Sauces.
With it, you will be able to take full advantage of best practices for manufacturing operations of natural and organic bone broths and broth-based ready made meals.

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eBook: Business Case for Small-Scale Broth, Soup & Sauce production

eBook - Business Case for Small-Scale Broth, Soup and Sauce Production  

Get this free guide to assess revenues, cost structure, financing needs and profits to operate a small-scale bone broth production facility by processing annually over 4 million kilos of animal bones into a range of natural bone broth, soup and sauce products and functional, clean-label friendly food innovations using bone broth as a natural ingredient.

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