Market leading solutions for creating natural bone broth and other valuable products from animal bones

Coctio designs and supplies market-leading Turnkey Bone Broth, Soup and Sauce Production Lines and stand-alone food preparation equipment in order to help food and beverage manufacturers, meat and fish processors and new start-up businesses engage to the most demanded natural and clean label human and pet food markets.

Our supply also includes Industrial Drying Systems in all sizes for drying and further processing of cooked bone leftovers into dried meat protein and powder ingredients.

Whether it is stand-alone equipment or a production line or plant, Coctio always delivers a turnkey solution. Turnkey means that our team supervise projects from start to finish. After the installation and commissioning the equipment or complete line at your facility, we are happy to provide customised after sales and production start-up services on your business.

The Coctio solutions meet the highest requirements and standards in the field of hygiene and quality. Combining the proven Chef's cooking technique upgraded into an industrial scale, production knowledge, and our extensive business experience in operating a bone broth and sauce production facility allows us always to offer a suitable solution to meet your needs. Coctio processes and equipment can be simulated, and test batches can be produced in our facility.


Available turnkey processing solutions

Is it time to take your business to the next level? Want to know which Coctio turnkey solution is the best fit for your business?

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Turnkey processing lines and plant solutions for bone broth and sauce production business

Bone Broth, Soup & Sauce Production Lines


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Industrial Bone
By-Products Dryers


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Stand-alone Food Preparation Equipment