Standard Bone Broth, Soup and Sauce Production Lines

Once you are looking for high-volume cooking operations for bone broth-based food products, ready sauces and soups, fully automated Coctio Standard Line meet your requirements with a quick return on investment and high profit.



Coctio Standard line for large production volumes of natural bone broths, sauces and soups

Creating natural bone broths, soups and soups at high volumes

Fully automated Standard size production line follows the same processes as a Small line, but only large production volumes in mind, both in bone raw materials and end products to ensure the great-tasting bone stock, broth, and derivative products such as ready sauces and soups. This allows you to produce large quantities of end-product over a number of batches with the same level of quality and characteristics every time.

The turnkey line installation is delivered pre-assembled, which ensures quick and easy installation by Coctio installation team. The line is ready for connection with the pipes to Coctio equipment and the available power supply reducing installation expenses to a minimum. This extensive line requires a minimum 500 m² production space for its smallest line installation. 

Capacity of the Standard Production Line

One batch produces 4,500 litres of natural bone broth which requires 3,500 kg of animal bones and 4,200 litres of water. The batch volume of concentrated broth or demi-glace is roughly 1,700 litres. As with a Small line, more capacity can be added to the Standard line by simply adding modules to the roasting oven and cookers, so maximum production volume is really up to how many cookers you have. 

One batch of broth extracts 350 kg of pure animal fat and approximately 3,150 kg of cooked bones residue. Purified fat can be used in the food industry or can be sold to other industries, such as to the biodiesel industry as an inedible ingredient that will use it to make fuel. The cooked bones can be further processed in-house into new material, such as compost using dedicated equipment found on the market or bones can be sold to other industries for further processing into animal feed and organic fertilizer material

Complete production process

The diagram below illustrates the Standard volume production process and outputs.

Coctio Standard line process diagram


Main advantage

The Standard-size line is designed especially for: 

  • Medium to large businesses in food, meat and fish processing and slaughtering
  • Current bone broth producers improving production rates and operations
  • Rendering plants 
  • Companies and investors who want to establish a highly profitable bone broth production business 
  1. 100% Natural end-product (natural mouthfeel flavour, structure and clarity)
  2. Turnkey solution for large-scale production with quick profit 
  3. Automated closed system for gentle handling the raw materials and total control of all processes ensuring consistent high-quality of products 
  4. Great flexibility for variations in natural bone broth-based products and clean label applications
  5. Modular design to fit your capacity requirement and can be easily expanded as you grow
  6. Capable of handling particles through sauce and soup preparation process
  7. Process and equipment complies with European safety and hygiene standards

E-Book Tutorials for large 

volume business

Expand your business knowledge in profitable bone broth production and learn about process technology, business opportunities and financials by downloading our free e-Books below!

eBook: Large Volume Broth, Soup & Sauce Process Overview 

eBook - Standard Line solution for large volume manufacturing of perfect bone broths  

In this free guide, you'll discover a complete process description with equipment specifications for large volume manufacturing of perfect Bone Broths, Soups & Sauces.

With it, you will be able to take full advantage of best practices for large-scale manufacturing operations of natural and organic bone broths and broth-based ready-made meals.

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eBook: Business Case for Large-Scale Broth, Soup & Sauce production

eBook - Business Case for Large-Scale Broth, Soup and Sauce Production  

Get this free guide to assess revenues, cost structure, financing needs and profits to operate a large-scale bone broth production facility by processing annually over 9 million kilos of animal bones into a range of natural bone broth products and broth-based food applications.

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