Broth for pet foods

Broth is appreciated in pet foods for its necessary moisture, nutrition, and enhancing palatability benefits. 

Natural, human-grade bone broth provides digest and healthy nourishment while improving mouthfeel taste of pet foods. The nutritional benefits of bone broth for dogs and cats come from the collagen.

Bone broth has an endless number of uses as a vital ingredient in semi-moist and moist foods: 

  • delicious treat or topper 
  • a healthy way to hydrate dry kibble
  • special dietary foods

Bone Broth spurs innovation and popularity in the Natural and Organic Moist and Semi-Moist Pet Food Market

At the same time with as the clean label products dominate in the human functional food market, the natural and organic segments of the speciality pet food market are following the clean label movement. With a pet humanization a given, product premiumization containing organic, non-GMO and free from ingredients combined with full transparency and sustainability of production process, the natural and organic pet food market should see solid growth in 2018 and many years to come. 

Consumers are wide open to new choices for organic and natural pet foods in order to meet specific demands regarding natural taste, purity and health claims of food ingredients and safety and quality. Natural has become the basis, the foundation of pet foods and diets, offering exciting new opportunities for pet food product development to expand assortment of moist and semi-moist foods as part of a healthy balanced diet of our pets that feature 100% natural ingredients, does not contain GMO and has limited or no artificial ingredients.

While the global pet food market is craving for premium, high-quality pet food formulated explicitly with nutritional and natural taste ingredients at an affordable prices, bone broth is an incredibly exciting market for current pet food manufacturers and new pet food brands to add value to their dog and cat food lines positioned to be all-natural, additive-free and non-GMO. Highly palatable pet treats, supplements and snacks produced with honest, natural broth formulation will certainly represent one of the fastest growing segments within the Natural and Organic Moist and Semi-Moist Pet Foods as pet owners continue to directly correlate their own well being to their pets’ health and wellness.