In everything we do, we are endorsing our customers' strategy and actions towards more sustainable and healthy patterns of food processing and consumption.

We also help you to build up your own broth production expertise by providing not only production units and technology but also by sharing our know-how and our years of experience in the food industry, especially in broth and sauce business. Our specialists provide market insights for lucrative bone broth market as well as product development and production start-up support to boost your broth and sauce business grow.

Have a look at our service solutions from the menu below and contact us to start your project today!

Full-Service through the plant operation lifecycle

Coctio supplies the turnkey project in the field of starting a bone broth and sauce manufacturing business and setting up a production facility. 

We are dedicated to delivering project services through your plant operation lifecycle – from customer-specific business identification and planning to project management during engineering, installation and commissioning of the Coctio system, but also supporting with your start-up operations and new product development. 

Build up your food production processes from start to finish

Coctio has its own in-house engineering team. This means that our qualified team of engineers assists you everything that affects the food processing facility design and construction phase, not only just a Coctio line set-up itself. Our team can help you with specific food process engineering, equipment and system design, technical and operational layouts and food production facility design with all the utility requirements needed. 

With the requirements and parameters in place, we proceed to create the most efficient and cost-effective facility to your needs.

Our projects can be small or large in nature, with the addition of a stand-alone equipment to the design of an entire food production facility.

Our food processing plant design areas of expertise include: 

  • Design, implement and build automated Coctio Bone Broth and Sauce Processing Systems and stand-alone machines, including SHS Dryer technology and Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) Systems
  • System, equipment and food processing plant 3D-modeling and layouts 
  • Technical and operational process layouts
  • PI-diagrams
  • Instrumentation and automation
  • Process piping engineering for food and beverage plants 

Our engineers technically assess, plan and deliver highly functional and cost-efficient design structures based on your needs for a high-performance production facility. 

Ensure your operation runs smoothly and profitably after Start-Up and your products stay on top of competition

Coctio also offers production support services as well as product development services to help you get started with the bone broth and sauce production line. 

Our services cover a wide range of activities at the beginning stages of bone broth and sauce production and growth ramp up by providing tailored Production Start-Up, Process and Product Development services: 

  • to optimise your production operations 
  • to extend your food and beverage product R&D capabilities
  • to shorten your product development time
  • to fine-tune your recipes and processes to make your bone broth food and beverage product and natural food application ideas to full commercialization
  • to keep you stay on top of delicious flavours that fit the world of natural tastes and trends.

Maintenance perfectly integrated into your daily plant operations

Coctio's Maintenance and Spare Parts services are tailored to specific business needs of our clients.

The after sales service requirement for both Coctio stand-alone machines as well as complete production lines is minimal because after commissioning and training program targeted for your plant operators, they can independently ensure the continuity and reliable daily operation of your production. 


The primary responsibility to keep Coctio equipment in perfect working condition daily rests with the client production and maintenance operators. This is ensured by Coctio structured and comprehensive training program.

As part of our service training, Coctio educates your operators for taking care of continued proactive maintenance tasks, repairs, and parts replacements to maintain the consistent efficiency of the system. This helps operators to perform preventive maintenance keeping the operation running smoothly and efficiently, reduce unplanned downtimes, prolong the life of equipment, and reduce overall maintenance costs.


Additional levels of maintenance actions support for your system can be provided through Coctio Service Contract by Coctio team of service technicians or authorised Coctio Service Partners.

The service contract is tailored to meet your needs and requirements and can include for example the following services performed by a Coctio service technician or local Coctio partner: 

  • Dedicated technical support by email and phone 
  • Preventive Maintenance Program (Scheduled Maintenance On-Site Visits and activities) 
  • Breakdown Maintenance On-Site Visits
  • Extended Service Training 
  • Spare parts delivery service


We provide our clients with a list of recommended OEM spare parts for storing on your site to reduce system downtime and to increase plant productivity. Alternatively and when desired, Coctio supplies spare parts to your facility as a service.