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How to produce superior quality bone broth and stock in an industrial way?

Jukka Rovamaa | May 10, 2017

produce superior quality bone broth and stock in an industrial way

Making quality bone broth and stock is a delicate business. Our conversations with several bone broth and stock manufacturers from around the world have highlighted the difficulties many are facing in producing quality bone broth products with their existing technology and processes.

The most common questions they had were:

  1. how to achieve a rounder and longer lasting taste

  2. how to achieve clarity of the broth while ensuring that aromas and nutrients are properly released and mixed, and
  3. how to maintain the gelatin’s gelling effect at the right level to provide the best possible texture while generating the right balance of taste and nutrient release.

If you are also interested in finding out the way Coctio handles these issues, discover more about producing superior quality bone broth and stock by downloading a related manufacturing practices -document below. 

Download Coctio bone broth manufacturing practises


Topics: Bone broths and Sauces | Food and Beverages