Coctio AiOS

The easiest and fastest way to get started with industrial production of 100% natural bone broths and stocks


The easiest and fastest way to get started with industrial production of 100% natural bone broths and stocks

The compact, Coctio All-in-One automated system is an ideal solution to quickly start the production of protein-rich, full of flavour natural bone broths and stocks at an industrial scale. The equipment is designed specifically to replicate the same processes undertaken by a professional chef in its own kitchen, aiming to create powerful natural flavours with raw ingredients that are in most cases regarded as waste streams. To ensure consistency batch after batch, the processes are controlled by automation, removing potential human error from the cooking process which is typically a major issue for most restaurant chefs and other producers alike. In addition, the system can cook unsupervised overnight with no operators on-site dramatically lowering operating costs.

The ready-built, tested line is installed in any facility within a matter of days, and only needs to be connected to utilities, such as steam, electricity, water and data.

The objective of the AiOS system is to provide that first step to start producing bone broths and stocks on an industrial scale, otherwise almost impossible to achieve on smaller professional kitchen equipment which require a lot of supervision and typically produce inconsistent end-product quality.

The Coctio AiOS is without a doubt, the easiest way to get started with industrial production of bone broth and to extract all of the nutritional and taste value remaining in the category 3 bones , otherwise discarded to landfills.

Key Benefits

100% Natural bone broth production

Produce from basic to michelin-star bone broths using the proven Coctio technology that emulates the same processes that restaurant chefs use in their professional kitchens, requiring no additives in the process.

Cost-Effective Processing

Coctio AiOS unit delivers unbeatable benefits in terms of productivity and reduces OPEX in comparison to more traditional equipment, as its processes are mostly under automated control requiring very little supervision.

Consistency and safety with automation

The system is closed and controlled by automation which ensures consistency batch after batch and minimizes potential human error in the production process. The actual cooking process takes some time but does not require active supervision - the automated control will safely take care of the cooking. 

Easy set-up, Plug & Produce

Once delivered, the unit is typically ready to use after 1 week after utilities have been connected. The unit itself has a small footprint of only about 40 m2.

Equipment Overview

Process videos

Step 1

Attach ingredient loading collar

Step 2

Load ingredients 

Step 3

Close top hatch

Step 4


Step 5

Extract liquid broth

Step 6

Extract liquid fat

Step 7

Extract cooked ingredients

Step 8

Cooker spray down and wash (automated CIP wash not shown)

Culinary superfoods: Bone broth, Demi-glace, Sauces, Soup

Bone broth, clear stock, cloudy stock, ramen stock, pho, demi-glace, bone broth concentrates, ready sauces, ready soup, ready meals - the applications and end-products are endless

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