Bone Broth, Soup and Sauce Production Lines

Culinary Revolution and a Bright Future for natural, health-enhancing bone broths and clean-label liquid foods production.

Coctio food processing technology for the production of bone stocks, broths, sauces and soups

Proven Process and Technology Excellence

Coctio is the only company in the world that combines over 25 years of broth production experience with engineering expertise to provide complete automated processing lines and machinery for additive-free culinary bone broth, stock and sauces. This makes Coctio the ideal partner to enter the emerging and consumers appealing bone broth market. In addition to broths, the Coctio process also allows the cooking and mixing of liquid ingredients to produce soups, sauces and other viscose food products with clean label. Coctio process delivers exceptional product quality with efficiency and operational security.

Furthermore, with our industry expertise, we help the meat, poultry and fish processing industry extract valuable protein ingredients from animal bone streams in an environmentally sustainable manner. 

Whatever your business size or objectives, our stand-alone equipment and turnkey production line solutions are designed to yield the return on investment producers are looking for from low to large volumes allowing great flexibility and versatility for attractive end products for growth markets.


The Best Taste and Quality for Your Products 

Coctio cooking technology follows on traditional cooking method combined with proven Chef's expertise by slow and gentle simmering the bones or fish leftovers with other ingredients for hours. The cooking that takes place in a closed environment captures all aromas released by ingredients in creating bone broth products and broth-based food applications with exceptional Chef's quality to maintain the natural colour, taste and structure of the culinary end product. Cooking principles emulates the same processes that restaurant chefs use in their professional kitchens, requiring no additives in the process. 

As processes in the production line are controlled by automation, product consistency is ensured batch after batch, which also minimizes potential human error from the production process. Every batch is produced with precision and carefully controlled to repeatedly cook the desired taste, texture and clarity of the product. Production line hygienic design and closed system protect the end products from external contamination. 

Authentic bone stock and broth ingredients can be applied to a variety of food items, and anywhere it is used to enhance taste, the end-product retains its natural label while incorporating umami taste to create delicious reductions, bouillons, demi-glace, sauces, soups and other ready meals. Altogether, it brings the maximum value and profit margins for your food products as well as higher consumer satisfaction.


Process video 

Watch a short video on our Natural Bone Broth Manufacturing Process. 






Scaling up the industrial production

Take a closer look at the Coctio production lines by selecting below and learn more about how they are designed to meet your specific production requirements.


Coctio Mobile Cooker System

Coctio Mobile cooker starter set system for for high-quality natural bone broth productionStarter Set solution for pilot, NPD and low volume production


Coctio Small Production Line

Coctio small line for high-quality natural bone broth, sauce and soup production

Turnkey solution for small to medium volume production


Coctio Standard Production Line

Coctio large volume production line for high-quality natural bone broth, sauce and soup production

Turnkey solution for high-volume production