Coctio introduces compact, low-cost AiOS Bone Broth Cooker System

The latest addition to its family of liquid food production equipment and solutions, Coctio's new A Bone Broth Cooker System offers an automated, compact and simple, low-cost cooking solution with a batch capacity of 1500 litres of broth or other liquid foods. It is specifically designed for R&D, product development and low volume production requirements with the added benefits of being scalable and flexible in terms of recipes and liquid foods opportunities.

As more bone broth segment continues to grow and broth-related products are finding their way into functional foods, supplements and pet food creations in the global market, there is a growing demand for a low-cost processing solution for the production of small bone broth batches for both R&D and commercial distribution needs.

Also, we have been in contact with some meat and fish processors that have expressed the need for a pilot unit to test broth production and its market. Depending on capacity, some food manufacturers and foodservice operators when starting the broth manufacturing and existing broth producers moving towards process optimization, are keen to use a compact production-scale machine as a first step, before moving to use our more extensive processing lines.

Combining versatility with practicality to innovate culinary food applications, from R&D needs to production-scale processing, the AiOS Bone Broth Cooker System is the machine of choice. It is easy to install and use across the food industry for new product development, manufacturing start-up and low volume manufacturing purposes. This means meat and fish processors, food manufacturers, bone broth producers and foodservice operators are now able to demonstrate the efficiency, viability and usability of a Coctio natural cooking process technology without the cost of a full production-level system.
In addition to broths, the system also allows the cooking and mixing of liquid ingredients to create soups, sauces or other viscose products.

It features the same innovative Coctio cooking principles producing high-quality natural bone broth full of flavor than the fully modular Coctio Small and Standard lines provide, but only at a small scale. We want to say that producing natural bone broth and stock made with bones doesn't get any easier. What would you say?


With this yet further expansion of the product range, Coctio strengthens its commitment to help its customers with enhanced sustainability and profitability across the food processing value chain by offering solutions to reach higher margins for both animal bone leftovers and consumer-preferred healthier and clean-label foods. 

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Coctio, Mikko Rovamaa May 3, 2019

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