Coctio Team is Growing - Meet new Members!

Meet and learn more our new team members! 

Working at Coctio means we’re passionate about the work we do in urging the food industry to produce culinary taste broths, soups and sauces globally. We give meat processors and other food manufacturers the means to maximise the value of bone by-products and turn it into a continuous revenue stream, including the broths and sauces that tie in with current consumer trends for natural, additive-free products that can be used in home cooking globally. 

We are excited to announce that team Coctio has grown to five people and thought that we would share our feelings and experiences in this post – in words and pictures!

What’s it like to work at Coctio team? We asked our staff to put it into their own words. 

Marko Tiainen

"For me, working in Coctio is very interesting, due to all innovative activities that this dynamic, agile and fresh company will have on the global market. We see ourselves as a part of the customer team, working closely and supportively with enthusiasm and openness.

I have worked for over 15 years at metallurgical companies in various operational, development and project assignments. They have given me strong skills in company management and development functions as well as HR management. International business culture has played a key role in my previous duties while working at John Deere Corporation and Waratah OM Ltd in Joensuu, Finland, in which I was involved in the development of operational, customer-driven business models, among other things.

I joined Coctio at the beginning of January 2015 as an engineering manager. Prior to that, I worked as a consultant for the company from August 2014 onwards. I handle all technical issues related to the Coctio bone broth manufacturing line and equipment, I make purchases and design and build our customers' bone broth and sauce production lines and plants. I work in English and Finnish." 

Esa Puhakka

"I have been working for Coctio for almost two months now, and we have a very good team. For me, Coctio offers excellent possibilities to develop processes. Every working day is full of exciting challenges as it is always with high-growth companies. I have International Project Manager Association certification (IPMA-C) and I am looking forward to continuing my studies further.

As a project manager, I have been working with production lines for almost 15 years, from iron mines to small solutions like a robot unit handling particles. My career also extends abroad, and I have been stationed for long periods in Pajala, Sweden and in London. 

I joined Coctio in September 2015, and I am looking forward to sharing my project management know-how. My main responsibilities are project management, supervising installation and purchasing. I work in English, Finnish and understand Swedish quite well."

Erkki Reponen

"Coctio offered a great opportunity to transition into working life for someone like me who is just starting his career after graduating. I get to work with a great team where I feel I can use my skills and learn new ones. I am also getting valuable work experience in a field that I have studied. 

I joined Coctio as a trainee in July 2015 while studying for a degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering at Karelia University of Applied Sciences. I graduated as an engineer in September 2015 and continued working as a designer.

As part of our team, I will be closely involved in the customer-specific bone broth manufacturing line and plant layout designs and associated documentation related to customer requirements. I work in English, Finnish and basic Swedish."

Tanja Immonen 

"For me, Coctio has been a very exciting and inspiring work environment. It offers an enjoyable, international atmosphere working with colleagues, customers and co-partners. It’s energising to have these dynamic, hands-on experienced and friendly people around me every day. I’m sure that Coctio will offer many opportunities to develop both my export and marketing skills. I look forward to closer cooperation with customers worldwide.

I have diverse experience in B2B customer relations, marketing communication and management as well as the concept of customer experience. Prior the Coctio, I worked in sectors like Tourism and ICT in positions such as Marketing and Sales Coordinator and Marketing Manager.

I joined Coctio in February 2015 while studying International Marketing and Trade at MIF (Management Institute of Finland). I graduated with a Specialist Qualification in Foreign Trade in August 2015.

As a marketing manager, I will be  helping Coctio to grow globally by executing long-term brand work and planning and coordinating marketing and export activities together with Kai Iiskola. I will keep everything “perfect & updated” when it comes to our digital marketing, event production, market researchers as well as international communication and public relations in cooperation with our partner. I enjoy being connected with an international audience, sharing stories and meeting every interaction with energy and enthusiasm. I work in English and Finnish, but also speak basic Swedish, French, Spanish and Italian."

Our team leader, CEO and The Broth Master Kai Iiskola, is the person behind Coctio bone broth cooking method and  bone broth cooking method. In addition to designing and building up the bone broth and sauce lines and plants, he is an expert in developing food processing ecologically. He has interesting, energetic and inspiring stories to tell every day to his team. 

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Tanja Immonen October 20, 2015

Delivering bone broth manufacturing lines from our new premises