Delivery of a bone broth production line to Norway has started

It's been a while since we last updated you on the progress of our projects, especially a completion and delivery of the broth line. A lot of progress has been made and we have good news to share. 

The delivery of a Coctio bone broth production line to our client in Norway has started and will be completed by August. The line will be installed and deployed by the end of this year so that our client has operational readiness for successful broth and sauce manufacturing by the beginning of 2018.

In addition to the machinery, Coctio will provide the turnkey installation, supervision, commissioning and training of the line operation.

The design capacity of this specific Coctio line allows an annual production of up to 13 million litres of non-concentrated broth. The target segments include domestic and export retail and food service markets that will be served with a broad range of bone broth, fond and ready sauce products that meet the strict quality and taste standards of Michelin Star level chefs. Following the traditional method of cooking fresh, meaty animal bones, the Coctio equipment and automated cooking process will enable the creation of products as presented in the table below:

Non-concentrated bone brothChicken, pork and beef broth
Concentrated bone broth Concentrated chicken, pork and beef fonds
Sauce bases using bone brothBeef demi-glace, chicken demi-glace, pork demi-glace, other
 Sauces using evaporated bone broth Red wine sauce, peppercorn sauce, sauce Espagnole, other
 Sauces without bone brothSauce Béarnaise, tomato sauce, sauce Hollandaise, other


Our turnkey production line delivered to Norway in a nutshell:

  • Standard line set-up including loading module, 3-module oven, 4 cooker modules, filtering module, evaporator, sauce preparation module, product tanks, CIP cleaning centre as well as installation, training, commissioning and product development services
  • Production area for broth and sauce production and packaging covers approximately 1 300 m2.
  • Maximum annual capacity is 13 million litres of bone broth.
  • Production personnel: the process is highly automated, and only a few operators are required.
  • Installation: Starting September 2017
  • Estimated production start-up: January 2018

We will keep our readers up-to-date with the delivery and production start-up of this line by sharing new blog posts during the next months. 
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Coctio, Mikko Rovamaa June 30, 2017

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