Oven module and evaporator gets a new temporary home

I got to see this when a 14-tonne, three oven modules equipment, and a 7-meter high evaporator was transferred by crane to our production facilities yesterday. That's superb work indeed!

Soon the technical mechanics can continue their installing work with these modules.

To see some photos about equipment transfers, scroll down. Enjoy as a foretaste of the upcoming blog series about the completion of the production line. 


1. Three oven module outside waiting for transfers inside. 


2. Marko Tianen takes care of a safe transfer


3. One piece of an oven module is already inside, slowly but surely


4. Oven module inside production hall, 1


5.  Oven module inside production hall, 2


6. 7-meter high evaporator inside at Coctio production facilities

(Despite the appearance, it's not a space shuttle to be sent out into space. The evaporator is used in Coctio bone broth and sauce preparation process compressing the broth base for demi-glace sauces, for example). 

7. Evaporator from other side


Tanja Immonen December 23, 2015

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