The Natural Soup Cooker Solution - Ideal for Clean Label and Organic Soup & Ready Meals Production

Following our article of Clean Label and Organic Soup on the rise, in this blog post, we will approach this favourite topic from the natural soup cooking technique and a processing technology point of view.

The Coctio Natural Soup Cooker Turnkey Solution that also allows the inclusion of large food particles (20mm+) with excellent particle integrity, will make it easy for food production and ingredients industry to expand into clean-label food markets by developing and supplying a wide range of naturally flavoured soups and other high-quality ready meals, that are: 

  • made from natural ingredients, such as traditional bone broth made from meaty animal bones
  • free of additives, preservatives or enzymes
  • well-rounded natural taste and texture
  • nutritious
  • convenient to use

Find out the way a Coctio Natural Soup Cooker Solution handles these key priorities for the food industry to meet consumers demand wanting more clean-label soups and other ready-made meals with great taste, and discover more about an innovative soup and broth cooking technology by getting in touch with us!

Coctio, Mikko Rovamaa November 16, 2017

Clean Label and Organic Soup on the rise