Organic Fertilizers and Animal Feed

The use of dried meat and fish bone powder as organic fertilizer and animal feed

Coctio process - The use of dried meat and fish bone powder as organic fertilizer and animal feed

High-quality, sustainable ingredients of animal bones for a wide range of farming and feeding applications

In addition to natural dried meat and fish protein for dry pet foods, economically beneficial Coctio SHS Drying process also allows producing valuable organic fertilizer and feed ingredients for the agricultural industries. 

Coctio process - From bone residue to bone powder

A fine bone powder derived from drying and separation of the bone and meat mixtures from each other is a valuable ingredient to be productized and sold as excellent compost material, organic natural fertilizer, soil conditioner and nutrient fodder. 

Animal bone-based organic fertilizers are rich in natural minerals, such as phosphorus, calcium nitrogen amd potassium that strengthens the root health development and flower growth what makes it an excellent natural alternative to chemical fertilizers in the market. 

In addition to agriculture industry, the dried bone fractions can be used as energy sources in incineration plants and as feedstock for anaerobic digestion in biogas plants. 

Rising awareness about organically produced food provides significant growth to global organic fertilizers market

The awareness about the nutritional benefits of animal-based organic fertilizers has resulted in increased usage of these fertilizers in the recent years. The organic natural fertilizer market is growing rapidly as a substitute for chemical fertilizers and soil conditioner products to support organic and sustainable agriculture and farming, not forgetting the fast-growing trends in the horticulture and home gardening using all-natural fertilizers to keep garden soil nutrient-rich and balanced for optimal plant growth.

Persistence Market Research has looked into the organic fertilizers market and has announced that the global organic fertilizer demand was 17 million tonnes in 2016. In terms of value, the market was valued at US$ 5.57 billion. The market has projected to grow at 7% CAGR through 2025 and reach US$ 10.23 billion. Europe is the largest market for organic fertilizers, followed by Asia Pacific and North America.