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Salsus creates a range of on-trend bone broths, stocks and sauces for the professional and home chefs

The Story 


In 2016, Salsus was sensing a tremendous business opportunity making free-from, rich-in-flavour bone stock and ready sauce products available for everyone - chefs in their professional kitchens and home chefs bringing savoury meals and moments to the tables. Investors and executives of the company strongly believed that this product category would grow exponentially in the coming years simply because the consumer demand is so strong - particularly related to higher health awareness and genuinely taste foods prepared with natural ingredients and flavourings rather than synthetic additives and ingredients. 

Also, there was obtained a lot of expertise on market opportunities and sale of the category products given by Norway's largest retail chain and A la Carte Producter AS, a company supplying quality ingredients and other delicacies to the wholesales and foodservice sector.

And so the vision behind Salsus was born - operating as a manufacturer of peculiar bone broths and sauces made mainly from Norwegian raw materials and provide delicious food experiences in homes and restaurants.

In May 2018, Salsus opened its high-tech and environmentally friendly broth and sauce production factory located in the heat of Norway, in Kongsvinger, with the goal of beginning full-capacity manufacturing in the second half of that year. A la Carte Producter acts as the sales company of Salsus As. 


The challenge

To establish a modern broth and sauce factory, Salsus needed to find a suitable production facility that will also enable capacity growth in the future. The company wanted to implement its large volume daily production with fully automated broth and sauce cooking and evaporating system to ensure that processes are repeated as desired according to the recipes for every single batch and maintaining the same level of quality and characteristics across the batches.

They also needed to find out the right packaging line and pipe planning and construction to be integrated into a complete cooking system. Moreover, the company wanted to find an efficient way to compulsory acquisitions and system installations such as the facility’s air conditioning, sewage system, steam and gas measuring, and pneumatics.

When a business-friendly production space was found, Coctio consulted and assisted in changing the premises of the building into a complete production facility for bone broth and sauce manufacturing.

Based on its proven broth production know-how, engineering expertise and technical solution as illustrated by PI diagram and factory layout, Coctio was requested to install the production factory on a full turnkey basis. 

The solution

Coctio implemented a turnkey large volume bone broth and sauce production system for Salsus As. The demanding delivery included a total of about 1400 m² of production space, of which the space reserved for Coctio broth and sauce line is around 850 m². 

The key process steps, such as roasting, broth cooking and filtration, evaporating, cooking and mixing sauces, by-product processing and cleaning equipment and pipes are integrated into an efficient batch cooking system with recipe management. 

The unique results

The result is a large-scale, environmentally-friendly bone broth and sauce production plant with a capacity of:

  • Batch capacity: 4,500 – 5,200 litres of liquid bone broth,
    simultaneous batch capacity: around 18,000 - 20,000 litres of bone broth daily
  • Potential annual capacity: 11,000,000 litres of liquid bone broth
  • The product portfolio includes a wide range of 100% natural ready-made sauces, concentrates, demi-glaces and bone stocks/broths
  • Target market: 50% HoReCa, 50% Retail

The unique system allows Salsus for a vast range of products to be produced from various types of raw materials of beef, chicken and fish bones, vegetables, herbs and spices. The cooking conditions are fine-tuned and set for each recipe to get the authentic flavour and optimal results every run. The consistent and efficient controlled processes ensure the delivery of the highest possible quality products to its clients.

With encouraging response from the market, the company expects rapid growth through its first full year of business. The future has never tasted better for Salsus!  

Pictures below:
'Jacobs Utvalgte' is a premium private label from retail chain Norgesgruppen representing high- quality products from Norway and internationally, recommended by professional chefs. 
The brand's delicious ready-made sauces and demiglaces cooked only on natural ingredients are now hitting the shelves across Meny supermarkets! 


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