A chef is known for his stock process and sauces

All the cooking shows on television put a lot of pressure on all of us for the weekend meal. Especially if you want to try a recipe from a cooking show, which can be quite demanding.

TV shows give a lot of great tips, but they also leave many people with questions. Where can I get all the ingredients for the recipe? I wonder what they mean by the “good chicken stock” in the recipe? Would a chicken stock cube and water do the trick? Do stock powders contain an awful lot of additives?

A home cook who values good flavours may wonder: Could I find an authentic, ready-made stock in the shop – the kind that the professional chef from that cooking show would use? The making of culinary stocks is a time-consuming, multi-stage process for professionals, and even more so for home cooks in their own kitchens.

Before, the food industry has not been able to offer the authentic stocks desired by amateur cooks in retail shops, because the industrial know-how for their manufacturing did not exist. There were no suitable machines, equipment or recipes – despite the fact that making stock is not rocket science. It is enough to know how to make authentic culinary stock and build a functional cooking process on the terms of the stock. Finding a stock recipe is fairly easy because cookbooks are full of recipes spanning several centuries.

By using the stock process produced by Coctio, the food industry can meet the requirements of a professional chef and, at the same time, produce culinary stocks for the needs of kitchen amateurs. The quality of the stocks created through this unique process surpasses the best efforts of many master chefs. The end product is something greatly desired by consumers: an authentic, ready-to-use culinary stock or sauce that is free of additives and preservatives. Consumers can easily buy it in a grocery shop and easily prepare culinary delights for the family’s weekend meal, for example.

Kai Iiskola October 30, 2014

Success with the natural bone broth ingredient for uses in meat, fish and multiple other food applications