Coctio’s Turnkey Standard Bone Broth and Sauce Production Line ready for production launch at the Salsus plant in Norway

Located in Kongsvinger, Norway, the factory of Salsus AS is preparing for its grand opening. Starting on the 8th of May 2018, Salsus will launch its production of additive-free bone broths and sauces from valuable animal bone raw materials. To make the jump into successful production an actuality, Salsus was assisted by Finnish-based Coctio. 

As the leading global provider of advanced turnkey processing solutions for bone broth, soup, and sauce production, Coctio has developed a method to help the food industry with both product development and bringing natural, clean label food products and applications to the market. Known as Coctio Standard Bone Broth and Sauce Production Line, this turnkey solution for Salsus first started with planning and assembling the line, followed out in the summer of 2017 with module pre-installation at the headquarters of Coctio Ltd. After completing both module-based and operational testing, the production line could now be smoothly installed at the customer’s facilities.

What soon followed – between August 2017 and March 2018 – was the physical delivery of a wide range of production modules to the Salsus factory; including modules for roasting, cookers and filtration, storage tanks, an evaporator, by-product processing, and more.

Altogether, Coctio’s services for Salsus included the following:

  • Design and implementation of the Coctio Standard Bone Broth and Sauce Production Line
  • Planning of the factory layout
  • Pipe planning, construction, and support
  • Installation and commissioning of the line
  • Execution of factory automation and data sourcing
  • Electrical wiring work at the Salsus factory
  • Training of the customer’s production operators
  • Production management and product development support: provided expertise in the design and development of broths and sauces, along with pre-production testing

In addition to these, a team of Coctio professionals have offered consultation and assisted with the planning of the Salsus factory’s infrastructure – along with necessary acquisitions and system installations such as the facility’s air conditioning, sewage system, steam and gas measuring, and pneumatics.

Pictured: Salsus AS bone broth and sauce production plant layout
(excluding UHT and packaging equipment)

Fighting artificial food ingredients with cutting-edge technology

With such a comprehensive set of services packed in an effortless turnkey solution, it is no wonder that Coctio feels positive about the future of food production. In fact, Kai Iiskola, Managing Director of Coctio, says: “In close partnership with Salsus, we have built the most modern, technically advanced and environmentally responsible liquid food production factory – specifically designed to create the best overall natural, restaurant quality sauce and stock products – made from valuable animal bones and fish fractions as raw material. We believe that the commissioning of the Salsus bone broth and sauce plant is a major milestone for our company ahead of promoting Coctio branded bone broth and sauce production technology solutions and services worldwide.”

Salsus AS feels similarly enthused about where the market is heading.
“We are proud of our unique broth and sauce factory, where we can create the very best tastes in sauce and stock products perfectly made to serve chefs in their professional kitchens and home chefs bringing more natural and delicious meals and moments to the tables. We have a highly positive outlook for the natural ready-made sauce and bone stock markets", says Bela Szabo, Managing director at Salsus. “Norway is currently our priority market for the retail and foodservice sales, but we plan to tap other markets as well. Our product range correlates with the trends and requirements of modern consumers, such as in bringing natural flavor and structure to our food products, and putting emphasis on sustainable production and consumption, the benefits to health and well-being, and the general desire to reduce the number of artificial ingredients used in food products”.

Salsus AS line capacity details in a nutshell:

  • Website:
  • Batch capacity: 4,500 – 5,200 litres of liquid bone broth,
    simultaneous batch capacity: around 18,000 - 20,000 litres of bone broth daily
  • Potential annual capacity: 11,000,000 litres of liquid bone broth
  • The product portfolio includes a wide range of 100% natural ready-made sauces, concentrates, demi-glaces and bone stocks/broths
  • Target market: 50% HoReCa, 50% Retail

For additional info:
Coctio Ltd Managing director Kai Iiskola, +358 40 556 3642
Salsus AS Managing director Bela Szabo, +47 90 15 90 56

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