Delivering bone broth manufacturing lines from our new premises

It has been a really exciting year so far in Coctio. First of all, we welcomed four new members to our team who presents itself in the next blog post. Second, in August we moved our office and manufacturing capabilities to a new production facility in Ylämylly, near Joensuu. 

Our location near Joensuu Airport makes it easy and comfortable for our customers and partners visit us.

Coctio rented approximately 2,500 m² of office and production space in the former bakery Vaasan Ltd’s industrial building that provides the perfect setting for our business. All the facilities make it easy to manufacture, test and deliver the bone broth manufacturing lines to customers around the world. Some special arrangement of the facilities was required, such as the dismantling of walls and a new door for truck traffic. The renovation is well advanced, and the facility will be ready to accommodate bone broth and sauce manufacturing lines in October.

New premises operate as a calling card for the way we work and serve. Our facilities extensively focus on customer needs, safety and comfort. This is reflected, for example, in the manufacturing line testing phase. Before investment approval, it is easy for the customer to run a test through the bone broth line, in a real production environment. In this way, any changes, updates and additions to the manufacturing line can be done easily, quickly and in the right way by us, without burdening the customer.

Finally, some news about upcoming reforms to our facilities and services:

  • We are delighted that we will complete cosy office lounge renovations in the next few months for guests to enjoy their stay with us
  • Also, we’ll share on our websites lots of material on upcoming bone broth and sauce line projects
  • Soon you will also know more about the bull below and how it's connected to us.

So stay tuned!

Tanja Immonen October 9, 2015

Business in Bone Broth is heating up, so how can we take advantage of it?