Excellent growth opportunity for the food industry

In the Coctio business concept, we help our customers to manufacture additive-free and delicious foodstuffs with the help of the unique broth process. With our overall services, we want to make food manufacturing above all profitable but also healthy and safe.

In order to answer the question of WHY this is an excellent business concept, let us first go over in this post what the Coctio broth process is all about and how the manufacturing process proceeds. I will cover in my next post how the Coctio service concept yields profitable results.  

Economic efficiency with the modular Coctio bone broth manufacturing line 

The line comprises equipment that you can modularise to increase your production capacity quickly and flexibly: 

  • Bones Feeder
  • Oven modules
  • Cooker modules
  • Fat separator 
  • Sieve module 
  • Fat container
  • Product tanks
  • Evaporator
  • CIP - Cleaning system
  • Wastewater treatment plant
  • Bones residue Dryer
  • Pyrolysis Furnace plant 

The impact of the Coctio concept reaches far beyond profitability by generating overall financial market benefit while observing the corporate social responsibility and environmental responsibility. 

A side stream generated by broth manufacturing, such as bone remains, can be burned in an inhouse heating plant for the generation of heat energy instead of taking the material to landfill. In practice, this means that you will no longer need to pay bio waste processing fees and transport costs and your own energy will reduce the need for purchased energy. The grease generated in the stock production process is extremely clean grease that can be sold to industries making use of such a substance. 

The waste water pre-treatment requires special expertise and technology that have been observed in the Coctio waste water pre-treatment solution.

The complete package with a turnkey service

The broth line will be delivered to your existing or completely new production facilities. As a reliable partner, we will take care of the following services: 

  • line design (business plan model)
  • factory layout
  • equipment and automation
  • profit calculation to support the investment decision
  • line testing together with the customer in the production facilities of Coctio (testing with real raw materials, such as bones)
  • training
  • delivery
  • product guarantee
  • maintenance service and the line’s service-life management service (Virtual Maintenance Manager and line modularity)

The Coctio method  overview

Now that you are familiar with the Coctio bone broth concept, it is easy to proceed to the world of the broth production process. Would you like to know the outline of how the process proceeds?

For this purpose, we prepared a video and overview of Coctio method. Click the video link below to see the video about an industrial bone broth preparation method and then go to the Overview. You will get an access to an overview material after filling your information. 

Kai Iiskola April 17, 2015

Roots of Coctio in the success story of Broth Master Kai Iiskola