Recap video and photos from Bone Broth Business Day

The Bone Broth Business Day hosted by Coctio attracted 25 representatives from across the food manufacturing industry to network, discuss and learn about successful bone broth manufacturing business. The two-day meetup was held February 8th and 9th.

Broth manufacturing insights and memorable moments  as takeaways

Attendees discovered valuable takeaways with regards to planning and implementing the natural broth production in addition to being inspired by the market insights of liquid stock products and applications. The meetup also featured the Coctio Standard Bone broth and sauce production line in action, making the finest beef broth full of aromas.

Also, our partner Tetra Pak played a significant role in this meetup. We were so grateful to have Mr Sven-Åke Jeppson and Patric Engvall from Tetra Pak join the Broth Business day to share their business knowledge in aseptic packaging processing solutions and introduce a portfolio of Tetra Pak carton packages matching the growth of the liquid broth, bouillon and soup category.

This meetup was an excellent opportunity for food manufacturers to deepen their understanding of the technology and production process incorporated in Coctio’s closed production system and required to create highly attractive and valuable broth-based food and beverage products.

Memorable Finnish Takeaway – time to relax and enjoy!  

Besides the business takeaways, we also wanted to share with attendees some unique memorable Finnish moments as takeaways. Participants were also invited to a dinner and an overall Finnish experience which included a relaxed Finnish Sauna, hot outdoor tub and dip in the icy water by the River Pielisjoki which concluded the first day’s activities.

Following the Coctio line process run, the second day ended with a culinary tasting session of different broth and sauce products, among others the broth samples that were produced with the Coctio cooking process. Participants got to taste non-concentrated beef broth before and after the filtering process and the demi-glace (bone broth after evaporation process). For comparison purposes, we also had a chance to taste some other brand’s broth and sauce products. Ending with the broth taste on our palate was a perfect closing act to our inspirational two-day event which left all of us wanting for more!

Thank you to the attendees for your participation and making the first Business Day a successful and memorable event! There was good-spirited and interactive atmosphere packed with networks, great customer stories, questions and comments. 

Recap video and photos

Experience the Bone Broth Business Day meetup by photos and an event video:  


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Coctio, Mikko Rovamaa March 7, 2017

Bone Broth Business Day program 8.-9.2.2017