Roots of Coctio in the success story of Broth Master Kai Iiskola

The story of Coctio

 "I established Coctio Oy in 2014 to share the experience, information and passion for broth manufacturing I had accumulated in over 20 years with food industry customers and partners around the world."

The story of Coctio actually began as early as 1991 when I established my previous company Puljonki Oy. We produced industrially manufactured sauces, sauce bases and broths for demanding chefs around Finland.

The idea of making sauces and stocks came to me when I wanted to move to the countryside and make use of my chef’s expertise in a new line of business. As it turned out, based on my research, there were no broth production lines for commercial purposes in the world. Therefore, we developed and manufactured ourselves the broth production process for Puljonki with all the equipment and chef’s recipes.

My passion for delicious and additive-free taste was the key factor in the unique production method of stocks, sauces and sauce bases. Puljonki Oy was among the first companies in the world to manufacture stock and sauces from meaty bones.  I worked in Puljonki Oy as the entrepreneur and managing director for 23 years, focusing on the development of the business, lines, production equipment as well as the broth and sauce products.

Inspiring the food industry

We take industrial broth and sauce manufacturing to a whole new level. The Coctio broth line is a service concept that combines the chef’s stock preparation traditions and a business model for the food industry generating added value. 

As a reliable partner we inspire food industry to achieve sustainable growth by engaging the organisations to produce the clean, safe and healthy but also culinary tasty food using the Coctio concept. It is fascinating and great to be part of creating new business opportunities for the food industry internationally.

Join us on the Coctio voyage by watching our video!

Kai Iiskola April 16, 2015

A chef is known for his stock process and sauces