What does the bull symbolise for Coctio?

In one of our blog posts in October, I wrote about the bull and bull picture that beautify our office wall and boldly greet visitors every day. I promised readers that I would tell the story behind this magnificent animal how it symbolises Coctio’s corporate identity.

The cornerstones of our operations in the food industry are Kai Iiskola’s 20-plus years of expertise and experience of business in broths and sauces and the construction of the bone broth and sauce production plant. The bull embodies the business expertise, quality and reliability at all phases of the customer lifecycle, including business planning together with the customer, and the Coctio method and premium-quality end products such as culinary bone broths, soups and demi-glace sauces prepared on a Coctio manufacturing line.

The bull also reflects our goal of developing sustainable food production processes together with the food industry. The bone remains generated from meat processing are worth their weight in gold as a raw material in the primary and secondary processes using the Coctio concept. 

Passion is heavily inspired by the aim of broth master, Kai Iiskola, to develop the modern technology used on the equipment and automated culinary processes for the preparation of chef-quality end products. In the process, quality, pure taste, structure and ease of use are taken into account so that the final products are ideal for use at home, in top restaurants and in professional kitchens.

For us, the bull depicts our relationship with and passion for functional and nourishing food production as well as healthy home cooking. For our part, we want to be involved in changing food processing with food products that are used to increase authentic and pure flavours and in increase their everyday use.

Tanja Immonen December 30, 2015

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