What makes Bone Broth so popular?

Broth Finds its way into Health and Culinary Beverage and Meal

In the USA, the demand for bone broth is a response to the expectations of today’s well‑informed consumers and their use needs and purchasing habits. 

Health- and trend‑aware Americans are sipping nutritious and flavoursome bone broth as a way to get ready for work in the mornings, taking paper cups on their morning commute, eating it as a protein-rich afternoon snack, or using it as a sport recovery drink in place of green and healthy smoothies. Fresh and meaty bones are bought from a butcher’s and after simmering for hours have created a home-made broth that can serve as a healthful drink, a soup, and a base for home-made meals with a culinary focus. 

Replace morning coffee with bone broth?

Increasingly, Americans are drinking nutritious hot bone broth with herbs and chili instead of morning coffee. Protein-rich broth can be enjoyed for breakfast in jelly form with yoghurt and muesli (the gelatinous composition is obtained via cooling of the broth liquid wherein the gelatine contained in the bones solidifies).

For many consumers, eating and drinking organic bone broth is a return to a source of natural nutrients that our ancestors enjoyed. Bone marrow is one of the oldest human delicacies, and the monounsaturated fat in bone marrow contains a number of nutrients and growth factors that contribute to a healthy diet. 

Authentic meaty broth is valued for its nutritional richness and diverse health benefits. Above all, it results in a great culinary experience and a pleasing flavour from the foods one cooks. The ‘Paleolithic diet’ is currently one of the most popular diets in the USA. Broth is an essential part of such a diet, which focuses on unprocessed nutritious dishes. It has been said that, thanks to a diet that includes bone broth, the skin glows with health.

Los Angeles Lakers team dietician Cate Shanahan added bone broth to the team's diet three years ago. Player Kobe Bryant hypes its healing effects. Broth has helped him recover from sprains, of which he has experienced several, while also enabling him to focus on playing and continue his basketball career. Read more about Kobe Bryant’s thoughts about bone broth.

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Kai Iiskola June 14, 2015

Trendy Bone Broth is a Nutritious Health Beverage