Bones as raw material

Maximize Profit and Value with Animal Bones

The consumption of meat has been growing all over the world. This means that slaughterhouses, as well as meat and fish processing plants, produce an enormous amount of beef, pork, poultry and fish bones as a side stream to their core business. This growing amount of bone residue among other waste materials from meat, poultry and fish processing industries has considered as one of the significant environmental challenges that the food industry is facing today. Every year the global slaughter industry produces 130 billion kg of animal bone residues. More than 10% of this waste is generated in the EU. After slaughtering, one animal produces about 18 weight% bone residues of its total live weight1. Instead of utilising valuable bone residues commercially, those have been considered as and treated as slaughterhouse waste. Existing practice in slaughter industry is to dispose of bone residues in landfills and rendering plants. After rendering, part of this waste is usually reused as meat and bone meal for animal feed, fertilisers and bulk pet food ingredients. This procedure is costly due to the disposal fees for bones represent a significant expenditure expense for the slaughtering, meat and fish processing industries. Moreover, bone residues contain considerable amounts of valuable components (bone, meat, fat, connective tissues) that could make full use as ingredients for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, pet food, renewable energy, fertilizer and farming industries. Furthermore, current practice lacks sustainability as vast amounts of bone residues are transported for disposal far from the place of their generation. 

The significance of this concerned challenge indicates the fact that utilisation of raw materials which are now disposed of as waste is on a loop and recognised as one of the key principles of the Circular Economy Package2 of the EU adopted in December 2015.

To overcome this growing challenge, slaughterhouses, meat and fish processors and food manufacturers are forced exploring new technologies for ways to reduce costs, improve sales and profits for bones. This challenge Coctio is dedicated to solve. Coctio believes that animal bones encompass immense value for the manufacturing of products for human consumption. Yet, extracting this value is difficult and therefore often overlooked. With its experience and engineering expertise, Coctio’s mission is to enable this process and simultaneously extract all valuable fractions from bone residues into valuable and pure ingredients for several industries and achieving a new source of income. At the same time, we help our customers in the food industry to manufacture and supply more diverse clean label products to consumers by providing an advanced technology of using bone residues in the production of natural, additive-free broths, sauces, soups and other prepared meals of rich in flavour and high quality.

Coctio team has the expertise, experience and skills to carry out your business development project.
By offering the Coctio method, a turnkey business concept, we provide animal bones processors greater sustainability, highly productive and 100% resource efficiency process transforming the bones into a new source of income.

1, cited 25th September, 2017.

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