Coctio's Customer and Marketing register

This Privacy Notice Statement is valid until further notice as from 22 May 2018.

We collect, use and store your personal data exclusively following the European Data Protection Regulation.

This Privacy Notice describes the Coctio's policies and practices regarding its collection and use of your personal data on our website we control ( and how you can exercise your privacy rights. 

We, Coctio Ltd, are a food processing equipment manufacturer from Finland that focuses on turnkey solutions and services for the production of natural stock/bone broth made from animal bones and derivative products such as ready sauces and soups. For details about how to contact us, see "How To Contact Us" section below. 


1 Controller

Coctio Ltd (”Coctio”)
VAT number FI25902545
Ylämyllyntie 79 E
80400 Ylämylly


2 Contact details of the person responsible for data file matters

Tanja Immonen
Coctio Ltd
+358 50 5452 519


3 Name of Personal Data Register

Coctio’s marketing and customer register.


4 Purpose and Legal Basis of Processing Personal Data (purpose of the data file)

The primary criterion for processing personal data is the customer relationship between Customer and Coctio, customer consent, customer assignment, or any other relevant connection with the management of an early or proven customer project. Personal data will be processed within limits permitted and required by the Personal Data Act.

Personal data can be processed for the following purposes:

  •  To provide, manage, invoice for and sell Coctio’s services, and the marketing of Coctio solutions and services
  • Customer relationship management and customer contact
  • Direct marketing
  • Planning of the range of Coctio solutions and services
  • Development of customer business activities
  • Targeting and personalisation of Coctio solutions and services
  • Customer relationship analysis, grouping and reporting
  • Collection and processing of customer feedback and customer satisfaction data
  • Market surveys and opinion polls

All of the above helps Coctio to understand the specific business needs and thereby give you the best service and experience on


5 The content of the Personal Data Register

In the personal data register, Coctio may process especially the following information:

  • Basic information, such as name and other necessary contact information (address, phone number, email address, the position at the company)
  • Company, business area, turnover size, company size and other information describing the company's operations)
  • Marketing and communications implementation data in different communication channels, such as online services and email
  • Information about subscribing and unsubscribe of Coctio marketing communication
  • Promoting marketing and sales, such as targeted marketing campaigns
  • Registered self-generated content such as interest in Coctio solutions and services, customer feedback, and self-disclosed information
  • Information about online behavior and activities on the Coctio website, such as form fills, use of profitability calculator, link clicks, visited websites, time spent on our site, your business domain address, network IP address, used browser type (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox) from which the user enters to the Coctio website.
  • Other information collected by the customer's consent.

The aim is to act in a customer-oriented manner with respect for privacy and taking into account the customer’s announcements and habits for implementing and targeting services, communications and purchases.

By collecting and processing your personal information, we will send you periodically targeted marketing and customer communications. The customer’s permission to allow blog subscriptions and electronic direct marketing (such as newsletters, marketing communication emails and event invitations) are requested separately following the Personal Data Act.


6 Data retention period

The collected information is erased from the register when it is no longer necessary for Coctio to keep data to preserve the relationship between the registered and Coctio.

However, in the Marketing Register, data may not be kept for a longer period than two years. If it is required to keep the information for a more extended period due to national laws, Coctio must do so. Non-relevant information is erased right away.

Personal data stored in the register can be changed and/or deleted upon request by separate notice to Coctio. For more details see chapter 10.


7 Regular Sources of Information

Personal data collected, stored and regularly updated in the register can be obtained from personally-informed information when dealing with Coctio, such as via Coctio web forms, emails, phone calls, social media services, information received from the contract and during the contract period, Coctio events and customer meetings, and other correspondence activities during the customer relationship. Personal data can also be collected and updated through various electronic marketing campaigns and publicly available sources of information, such as corporate websites and any other public sources.

The electronic marketing communication prohibition is stored on our customer register based on the customer's separate notice, see Chapter 10 for further details.


8 Regular disclosure and transfer of personal data outside of the EU and EEA Area

In order to best deliver Coctio Solutions and Services to our domestic and international customers, we may disclose or transfer some of the personal information to our affiliates if it is necessary to complete the service provided and to develop the customer's business following this Privacy Statement. Such partners may be, for example, process automation system providers, automation designers, providers of packaging lines and other non-Coctio equipment, and other similar partners. In this case, our partner is obligated to process your data only within the limits of the service required to deliver the service under the applicable legislation. Our partners do not use data for other purposes and do not disclose information to third parties. 

Coctio may use third-party service providers such as payment services, debt collection services and analytical services to perform certain tasks involving the processing of personal data on our behalf.

In export, Coctio can use its partners to provide services to its end customers outside the European Union and the European Economic Area. As a result, Coctio's technology and service usage data and personal data may be disclosed within limits permitted and mandated by the applicable legislation also outside the EU or EEA, to implement the Coctio solution design, manufacture and installation with regional partners. An adequate level of data protection for data processing is ensured through the European Commission's standard contractual clauses on the transfer of data to third countries. A copy of the clauses is available on request from the contact person mentioned in section 2.

Otherwise, we will not sell or disclose your information to third parties. If required by applicable law, personal data may also be transferred or present to the authorities.

The information may be published in so far as this has been agreed with the registered person.


9 Principles of Securing Personal Data

Hard copies of data material: will be stored in a locked space with access granted only to the relevant personnel.

Digitalised data: Only separately agreed employees are entitled to use the system containing customer data and to change customer data. Each user has their own user ID and password for the system. The database’s user rights and various user levels can be used to restrict users’ access rights to only the data necessary for the user to complete his or her tasks.

The customer register and the information system hardware used to process is located in closed data centres on service provider’s’ premises. Back-ups of data are regularly made to minimise and prevent any disruption. The system is protected against outside connections via a firewall.

Service provider’s own Privacy Policy Statement can be found at

The obligation binds Coctio people who process customer register data to non-disclosure and confidentiality requirements.


10 Your Data protection rights

You have the following data protection rights:

To access to inspect, correct or update of your personal information
Registered customers and recipients of marketing communications have the right to inspect, request a correction and/or update personal information about himself/herself in the Coctio register under to the Personal Data Act. All requests must be sent using the communication channels mentioned in chapter 11. Coctio processes all requests as soon as possible.

To opt-out of marketing communications we send at any time
Each data subject has a right under section 26 of the Personal Data Act to prohibit the processing and disclosure of his / her data for electronic marketing communications and other marketing purposes. You can exercise this right by clicking on the “unsubscribe / opt-out” link in the marketing communications we send you or by contacting us using the details at chapter 11.

To request of the deletion of your personal information
You can ask us to remove your personal data information from our systems. We will comply with your request if we have no legitimate reason not to delete information, for example, to meet our regulatory obligations. Data may not be removed instantly from any backup or other similar systems. This request must be made in accordance with chapter 11 of this Privacy Statement.

To restrict the processing of personal information
You can ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data information. The request for limitation of data processing may lead to more limited access to our website and our services. This request must be made in accordance with chapter 11 of this Privacy Statement.

To transfer data from one system to another
In so far as a data subject has provided information in the Coctio register that is processed by his/her consent or assignment, the data subject has the right to obtain such information as a rule in a form that can be used in a machine-readable manner and the right to transfer this information to another data controller. This request must be made in accordance with chapter 11 of this Privacy Statement.

To lodge a complaint with the country's data protection authority
If dissatisfied with the decision or actions of Coctio or Coctio has not complied with the applicable data protection rules, each data subject has the right to complain to the country's data protection authority.


11 How to contact us?

In all matters relating to the processing of personal data and in situations and requests relating to the exercise of your rights, the data subject shall contact Coctio by submitting a written and signed request by e-mail or by letter.

By email:

By mail to Coctio Oy, Ylämyllyntie 79 E, 80400 Ylämylly, Finland.

Coctio may, if necessary, request a data subject to specify its request in writing.

The identity of the data subject can be verified if necessary before taking any actions.

Processing of personal data is, in principle, free of charge.


12 Updates to the current Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time in response to changing business, legal, technical and/or legislative developments. When we update our Privacy Policy, we will take appropriate measures to inform you, consistent with the significance of the changes we make.




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