Introducing: Industrial bone broth and sauce manufacturing Concept, part 2

Turns food processing bone by-products into profit

The previous post dealt with the Coctio bone broth business concept from the perspective of the industrial bone broth and sauce manufacturing line in practice. This post will concentrate on it's business value. 

There are hundreds of food industry companies in the world whose production generates side streams in the amount of dozens of billions of kilos that could be utilised in business instead of the current, expensive destruction processes.

We have observed this aspect by taking industrial broth and sauce manufacturing to a whole new level of profitability. Coctio concept offers a significant growth market for slaughterhouses, the meat industry as well as for the convenience food industry. 

The profitable bone broth and sauce manufacturing line is the key to your success

1. Responds to consumers’ information and requirement level
The demand for additive-free and healthy food products is growing exponentially in the world. You will manufacture clean and additive-free food products with the clean and additive-free food products

2. Turns food processing bone by-products into profit 
Besides bone broth and sauce preparation, you are able to refine bone remains generated in the broth cooking process into valuable end products, including heat energy, dry pet food material and fertilizer. With the Coctio method, the food processing plant can become energy self-sufficient.

3. Multiply your production capacity effortlessly 
By adding oven units and cookers, you can increase your production capacity quickly without production shutdowns. The highly advanced automation reduces the need for labour.

4. Improve your image as a responsible company
It is in the best interests of our society to focus on the development of clean and additive-free products as well as to minimise waste amounts, for example, by utilising bone by-products. 

In food manufacturing, productivity and responsibility are our shared goal.

Would you like to discover the financial value of the Coctio method for your business?
Use our Profitability calculator tool to find out:

  • an overview of the Coctio business concept
  • the revenue of ready-made broth
  • the sales revenue of the bone fat generated in the process
  • the savings caused by burning the side stream (bone remains) into energy
  • the concept's profit after financial costs
  • the concept’s payback period

You will get the calculator by clicking the attached link and submitting your contact information. 

Kai Iiskola April 19, 2015